The Personal Computing Industry Center (PCIC) is a key source of knowledge, objective data, and independent thought about the rapidly changing global information industry. It brings together industry executives and researchers to discuss industry issues and new research findings. The center conducts basic and applied research and is an ongoing industry resource for understanding industry trends, analyzing emerging markets and technologies, and providing insights about new developments.

Participants include industry executives and university faculty and graduate students from UC Irvine and Syracuse University, as well as other universities for specific projects (Fudan University, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC San Diego).

The center was established with a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation of New York, with additional funds from industry, the universities and the U.S. National Science Foundation. The PCIC is one of 23 Sloan Industry Centers established by the prestigious Sloan Foundation. It is engaged in collaborative research with other Sloan Centers and affiliates in semiconductors, data storage, flat panels, product-level electronics, software, and venture capital,creating a network of researchers whose expertise spans the computer, communications, and consumer electronics industries. Access to this research network is an additional advantage of the Center.

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